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There are NO Absolutes!!!


“There are NO absolutes!”

“Really?  Is that so?”


“Okay. That’s one.”

“What?  What do you mean ?     I just said there are NO absolutes and you agreed with me.  How can you say, “…that’s one?

“Well, if there are no absolutes and that statement is accurate, then there must be at least ONE

absolute. Right?”

“Uh, right.  Okay that’s the only absolute then.”

“Then that’s two”

“What kind of logic is that?  Okay, Okay.  Then there aren’t any more absolutes!  We’re done!’

“That’s three.  Want to go for four?”

“Wait, wait.  You don’t understand.  Let me put it this way.  There is no absolute truth!”

“No truth?”


“That’s four.”

“No, listen, everyone knows that everything is relative!”

“That’s five!”

“You’re an idiot!  You aren’t using your head!  Listen to me! Truth is different for each individual.


“Each person makes up his own truth?  Each person does what is right in his own eyes?  There is no universal standard of Truth?”


“That’s also six.”



“You are the most ignorant, exasperating person I’ve ever met!  You have no idea what you’re talking about!”


“NO!  Not in any way shape or form!”

“That’s seven.”

“This is insane!  Give me ONE example of a universal truth!”

‘How about, ‘what goes up, must come down?”

“I can’t believe I’m having this conversation!  Okay, that’s the law of Gravity.”

“That’s eight.  And how about, ‘…for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction?” Or

‘…everything is going from a state of order to a state of disorder.?”

“Well…if you’re going to throw scientific jargon at me.”

“That’s nine and ten.”

“Okay.  Okay.  But that’s it!  And don’t say that’s eleven, either.  You’ll have to do better than that!”

“All right.  How about?  ‘I AM the Way and the Truth and the Life.  No one comes to the Father, but by ME?’”

“I can’t trust that statement!  It’s Jesus, right?  He’s saying He’s the Savior of mankind and that to go to heaven you have to accept HIM and ONLY Him, Right?”


“No.  I have to know something’s true before I’ll believe it.  I have to know without a doubt that it’s right!”

“You mean like, ‘…everybody dies?” Another absolute?”


“You’ve been proven wrong twelve out of twelve times.  So whose word is more reliable?  Yours, or Jesus’?”


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Izorian Law chart


“The Izorian Law”

Addiction =

Short-Term Pleasure


Long-Term Pain

©1991 Jerry Izor  LICDC





“The Izorian Law”

Recovery =

Short-Term Pain


Long-Term Pleasure

©1991 Jerry Izor  LICDC





(Genesis 3:1-24)


*If I choose Short-Term Pleasure that actually produces Long-Term Pain, then Ill always have more Pain than Pleasure. That’s the Law.



(Luke 23:32-43)

* If I choose Short-Term Pain that actually produces Long-Term Pleasure, then Ill always have more Pleasure than Pain.  That’s the law

(Reproducible handout)

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The Izorian Law ( brief explaination)

I worship the God of  second chances, so I’d like to start my blog over.  Basically, as I’m certain you’ve figured out, the “Izorian Law isn’t mine at all, but comes from the most reliable source there is.  Briefly stated the law is:  If you are choosing Short-Term Pleasure, but it actually is producing Long-Term Pain, then the law kicks in  and you’ll always have more pain than pleasure.  I use this as my definition of Addiction when counseling someone, regardless of the nature of the addiction, or how it is labled.   One simply cannot come out ahead.  For example, if I spend more than I make, and continue to do so, I’ll go more and more in debt.    (If only Congress could learn and accept this truth).   So the question is,  Is what I’m doing getting me more or less of what I want?  If  it is less, do I want to keep doing it?   The good news:  We get to make a choice; the bad news is we have to make a choice.  Addicts consistantly choose Short-Term Pleasure that actually produces Long-Term Pain.

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My name is Jerry Izor.  I have been a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in the State of Ohio for over 30 years.  I also have been a follower of Jesus Messiah since December 7th, 1977 and have incorporated Biblical Truth into all my counseling.  If you are reading this,  know that it is no coincidence, but that the Lord has brought you here for a purpose, perhaps to supply you with a healing of Spirit,
Soul and or Body through the Truth of his word and the power of his Holy Spirit.   I believe He led me into the counseling ministry so that I could experience such healings and pass them on to others.  My hope is that as He works in your life that you will share with me how he’s working in yours.  One of my favoriate scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11;  “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  To give you hope and a future.”  Having experienced abuse sexually, physically and emotionally  as a young child and having struggled all my life with sexual, chemical and relational addictions, I want to encourage others to seek and receive the Lord’s healings through His Grace (unmerited favor) and Love.

I believe I’ll let this be the end of my first posting.


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