Taken Home


The year was 1986.  My wife, son and I had been called to a deathwatch for a family friend.  John and Alice were older when we met them shortly after we became Christians in 1977.  For nearly 10 years, they were like surrogate parents for us, as well as grandparents for our two children.  This day, however, John was dying and Alice had told us he likely would not last the day.  Our son, Chris, went over to be with Alice until my wife Ellen and I could get off work and join them.

We arrived late in the afternoon and all moved into the living room to wait.  John’s hospital bed was in an adjoining room, but I was the only one who could clearly see him from where I was sitting.  As we talked, something caught my eye.  It is still hard to describe, but one thing I know; there was movement…Upward movement.  I can’t define it’s color or shape or anything more distinctive than to say it was a rising presence that was gone in less than a gasp!

I knew immediately what had happened.  I gently called to Alice and my family, “I believe he’s gone.  I just saw him leave.” and I told them what I had seen.  We went to his bedside, seeking a pulse, but John was already safely in Our Father’s arms.  That privileged, awesome and incomparable  sight has served ever since to strengthen, comfort and encourage me for the moment when my own earthly life will end and Jesus Messiah will take me home  “. . . in the twinkling of an eye”!


Prayer:  Lord, we thank You that You always keep every promise You make.  Amen


Thought for the day

Jesus once told me “My love is beyond your understanding, but it is not beyond your experience.”

Jerry Izor (Ohio)


Prayer Focus:   Those who fear death.


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