The Izorian Law ( brief explaination)

I worship the God of  second chances, so I’d like to start my blog over.  Basically, as I’m certain you’ve figured out, the “Izorian Law isn’t mine at all, but comes from the most reliable source there is.  Briefly stated the law is:  If you are choosing Short-Term Pleasure, but it actually is producing Long-Term Pain, then the law kicks in  and you’ll always have more pain than pleasure.  I use this as my definition of Addiction when counseling someone, regardless of the nature of the addiction, or how it is labled.   One simply cannot come out ahead.  For example, if I spend more than I make, and continue to do so, I’ll go more and more in debt.    (If only Congress could learn and accept this truth).   So the question is,  Is what I’m doing getting me more or less of what I want?  If  it is less, do I want to keep doing it?   The good news:  We get to make a choice; the bad news is we have to make a choice.  Addicts consistantly choose Short-Term Pleasure that actually produces Long-Term Pain.

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